Toure J. Ohene

Toure J. Ohene
Riverside Office
Education: LIU Brooklyn - Bachelor of Science Health Science, minor in Sports Sciene
LIU Brooklyn - Masters Degree in Public Administration (Pi Alpha Public Affairs and Administration)
University of San Diego School of Law — Pro Bono Service Recognition with High Distinction

Touré Ohene likes to stay active. From his early morning workouts to late-night reviews of his workload, Touré Ohene is a man on a mission. Born in Haiti and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Ohene got used to staying on his toes.

"I grew up playing soccer and it helped me in so many ways," says Ohene. "It's a simple game of life and you need to play hard and focus to get to the next level. Sometimes growing up had its own distractions. There were gangs and drugs and any number of bad roads to follow, but staying active in soccer and sports in general helped a lot."

Ohene graduated with honors from high school in Brooklyn and attended Long Island University in Brooklyn pursuing a medical degree.

"My family all had their sights set on me becoming a medical doctor, and I did enjoy much of the initial training, but after awhile I realized I wasn't cut out for medical school."

He received a BS in Science Health and a minor in sports science at LIU Brooklyn before going on to complete his Master's degree in Public Administration with accolades--Pi Alpha--in Public Affairs and Administration.

"I had several career paths at that point but wasn't sure which direction to take. A family member suggested a career in law, and said because I liked to read so much, I'd be perfect for the job."

The family member was right. Ohene chose to move west and enrolled in the University of San Diego School of Law, where he earned more honors including the award for Pro Bono Service Recognition with High Distinction.

Before and during law school, Ohene thought he might pursue a career in criminal law and took an internship as a judicial extern at the San Diego Superior Court in downtown San Diego.

"I had studied social justice in school and thought criminal law would be exciting. The reality was that after working a few cases and interacting in that environment, I found it depressing."

He took a job with a San Diego-based firm that represented health care providers in medical malpractice and wrongful death. During the next few years, he developed his skills in defending insurance companies against personal injury and construction defects lawsuits.

"I found I enjoyed Workers' Comp defense. The cases are always interesting and sometimes complex. No two cases are the same. When the opportunity came to join an established Workers' Comp firm, I jumped at the chance."

Ohene joined the Riverside Office of Benthale, McKibbin and McKnight in October of 2023.

"Toure Ohene is a bright young attorney who has excelled at every position he's taken. He's a hard worker and a positive addition to our staff," says Ed Benthale, Founder of Benthale, McKibbin and McKnight.

Away from work, Ohene enjoys working out, running, hiking, reading, cooking and, of course, soccer.

"I still play soccer every weekend," says Ohene. "I also have two young dogs that keep me busy. I'm enjoying getting to know everyone and establishing my career here. The flexibility of being able to work from home and the office is a major benefit."