Jack S. Mack

Jack S. Mack
Westlake Village Office
Education: California State University, -- Southwestern University Law School
Member: California State Bar
Joined BM&M in 2013

Like many a kid growing up on the East Coast, Jack Mack wasn't sure what he wanted to do in life, but he definitely wanted to see California before he got started. After graduating from High School, he and a group of friends ventured out to Southern California for what was to be a short visit.

"I really liked it here so I ended up getting a job and staying," he says looking back. "I ended up getting married and starting a family and I've been here ever since."

Jack worked at several jobs before deciding to finish college and embark on a career in law.

"I worked at a company that manufactured equipment for cable television and a couple of other small companies and along the way I had some interaction with company attorneys and I got interested in law."

He eventually took a job with the US Postal Service which gave him the time and opportunity to attend night school at California State University Los Angeles, and later at Southwestern School of Law. After passing the bar in 1994, Jack went to work for a family law firm that he had clerked for at law school.

After several years in Family Law, he was offered the opportunity to join an established insurance defense law firm with offices in Santa Barbara. He spent more than a decade at the firm becoming fully versed in insurance defense including construction defect, personal injury and property damage litigation.

During the course of attending court in the civil arena, he met an attorney practicing plaintiff personal injury law. That attorney offered Jack a job. Having never practiced on the Plaintiff side, Jack accepted the offer. However, he soon found he was a defense lawyer at heart. He had heard that Workers' Comp law was not only interesting, but also an excellent career path. He found himself looking for an opportunity on the defense of Workers Comp law. When he saw an opportunity arise at Benthale, McKibbin and McKnight, he applied. It turned out to be an excellent choice.

Jack recalls his first interview with Ed Benthale. "I liked him right off. He was passionate about the law yet down to earth, and practical."

Jack now works out of the Westlake Village Office of BM&M and is responsible for WCAB appearances, law and motion discovery, and depositions. Along with fellow attorney Tom Bell, he contributes significantly to motion work, discovery, and the favorable resolution of the firm's case load.

"We have a small tight-knit office with lots of work. In fact, we are looking at a larger space already."

Away from work, Jack enjoys spending time with his two granddaughters, ages 6 and 8, who he says take up most of his free time.

"I used to be an avid golfer, but my granddaughters sort of took over, but maybe now that they are getting a little older I can get them into golf and I'll start playing again."

Jack and his family live in Thousand Oaks and when he's not with his granddaughters he tinkers with projects around the house.

"I really wanted to be an architect when I was young so now when I have time I like to design home improvements and build things. I manage to stay pretty busy."