Dylan Golden

Dylan Golden
Concord Office
Education: Duke University – University of California, Los Angeles School of Law
Member: California State Bar
Joined BM&M in 2017

Dylan Golden has always been a man of many interests. Growing up in Berkeley, California, Dylan enjoyed all the regular things kids did in the 1980s--sports, music, computers, and "taking things a part to see how they worked"--but he found himself drawn in many different directions academically.

"I always loved science and biology, but I also loved the humanities," he recalls. "When it comes to academics, I've always had sort of a split personality."

Dylan excelled in many subjects during his junior high and high school days including English and science, but he was especially good in drama and debate, which provided an excellent foundation for a career in the law.

"I was always a bit argumentative, not real bad, but I had the type of personality that always asked questions, and I was good at drama and later debates," says Dylan. "I think that's why the law, as a career, was always a path that I might take."

He graduated with honors from a prep school in Oakland, and headed off to Duke University, where he started off in an accelerated science program, ultimately completing a science degree in psychology with an additional major in economics. He graduated with a Distinction, earning a 3.39 GPA.

Although he had several different career paths available, he chose to return to California and attend UCLA School of Law, where he became Editor and Chief of the UCLA Journal of Environmental Law and Policy.

Upon graduation and passing the California State Bar, Dylan took a job with the Public Defender's Office of Humboldt County, where he found himself swamped with humanity.

"I got a feel there for the extremes in law, "he recalls. "There were lots of dependency cases where there were no good resolutions. It was gritty, and a bit depressing."

After a year in Humboldt, Dylan decided to move back to the Bay Area where he would teach high school science for the next five years. Along the way, he went back to school part-time to obtain a single-subject credential in biology.

"I liked the teaching, of course, but I didn't like being a disciplinarian," explains Dylan. "That part of the job became a bit too frustrating for me, and I thought 'I have a law degree and I'd passed the bar, why not get back into law?'"

And so he did. An opportunity came up in Sacramento with a Workers Comp firm and he went back to work as an attorney. It was at his teaching job where he met his wife, Suzette, who shared a teaching background. They tied the knot when he returned to the Bay Area.

"I found a lot to like in Workers' Comp Law," he says. "There are labor issues, medical issues, economic issues, human issues, it's like a pallet of issues that can come up with any given claim and you have to be prepared."

After a year on the applicant's side, Dylan took a position with the McDonald Law Corporation in Concord, California, practicing Workers' Compensation Defense. Dylan excelled at the practice and became a certified legal specialist in Workers' Comp. In January of 2017, the McDonald Law Corporation was merged with Benthale, McKibbin and McKnight and Dylan became a member of the new firm.

"It was a great move for both firms," says Dylan. "We bring with us a certain expertise in paperless litigation that we have been using for a while, and that is a major advantage, and they have extensive resources, especially in Southern California. Definitely a win-win."

In day-to-day practice, Dylan say he likes to use an "analytical approach" to each claim.

"I have always liked to take things a part and then put them together," he explains. "It's no different with a case. I look at all the aspects and issues and then pursue a direction that is best for my client. If we can reach an equitable settlement, fine, but I also enjoy the courtroom and especially the cross-examination phase of a trial."

Away from the office, Dylan enjoys walking and hiking with Suzette and their dog Jerry. He also has become somewhat of a do-it-yourselfer having just completed a new patio and pergola in the backyard.

"We had started a little garden in the backyard and then one thing led to another," he says with a smile. Chances are good, it won't be the last improvement project on his list of to-dos.