Christopher N. White

Christopher N. White
Westlake Village Office
Colorado College
Santa Clara University School of Law
California Bar

When being recruited by several large Workers' Comp law firms in California, Chris White had a difficult choice to make. All of the firms offered good pay, and all were well established on the defense side of the aisle but only one had the attitude and philosophy he sought in his next career move.

"I had been working as an in-house attorney for a large insurer (Hartford) at the time and was looking to get back into a law practice. After meeting Ed Benthale, it was an easy choice. I liked his style and approach and I liked how they were moving into the digital world and making technology work for the firm, its clients and its staff."

White began his law career in the mid-1990s as an applicant attorney. While attending Santa Clara University he had worked in a community law center helping injured workers. It was there that he developed a feel for Workers' Comp. After graduation, he took a job on the applicant side of the aisle, but it wasn't long before he started receiving offers from Workers' Comp defense firms.

He accepted an offer from a large defense firm in San Jose and spent the next six years establishing himself as an arbitrator and resolution specialist. After opening a new office for the firm in Fresno, he decided to open his own office, an applicant-based firm in Fresno.

"I wanted to be independent and to support my growing family at the time and it worked out well."

He spent the next 10 years as an applicant attorney in his own practice before being recruited by The Hartford. He says his time with The Hartford gave him valuable insight into the world of insurance adjusters and their case needs.

"I feel comfortable knowing both sides of the aisle and my time at Hartford taught me a lot about the wants and needs of adjusters. Today, I focus on things that will resolve a case as quickly as possible while maintaining the integrity and meeting needs of our clients."

White notes that the Workers' Compensation field of law has changed dramatically in the past few years with the induction of on-line digital communications. In fact, one of the reasons he chose to join Benthale, McKibbin and McKnight was the firm's commitment to technology.

"The pandemic forced us into using online communications including video meetings," says White. "Now, it helps us streamline the whole process and saves both time and money for our clients. Plus, it allows us to work from home."

Away from the office, or away from the home office, Chris enjoys spending time with his family. He met his wife during college, and they have three grown children. Chris enjoys hiking in the Sierras, playing chess and doing genealogical research. He has traced his family back more than 500 years.

"Chris White brings us more than 25 years of experience in Workers' Comp law, and he has an exceptional track record for resolving cases in the best interest for all involved" says Founding Partner Ed Benthale. "He is also at the forefront of deploying new digital technologies that are changing the way we work. It's an exciting time for the firm and we are pleased to have Chris White on board and part of the team at Benthale, McKibbin and McKnight."