Brittany Rothe-Kushel

Brittany Rothe-Kushel
Los Angeles Office
Undergrad: Dartmouth College
Law School: Pepperdine School of Law
Joined BM&M in 2018

You might say negotiation has been a way of life for Brittany Rothe-Kushel right from the beginning.

"I was a triplet, so I got used to negotiating with others from an early age," recalls Brittany. "My sisters and I were always active growing up, tom boys in a sense, and between sports and academics there was always something going on, and I seemed to be in the middle of it."

And, in the middle of it is exactly where she likes to be. Growing up in Escondido, California, Brittany and her sisters excelled at both school and sports with all three graduating at the top of their class from their high school. Brittany and her two sisters were accepted at and graduated from Dartmouth College. At their June 2007 graduation, they made history by being the first triplets to graduate in the College's then 234-year history. Brittany excelled in her coursework at Dartmouth and served as a student judiciary board member on the Committee on Standards. She oversaw disciplinary hearings along with a panel of other fellow students, faculty, and staff.

"I've always enjoyed the law and loved watching Judge Judy growing up. I wanted to be a judge. At Dartmouth, I took part in some small trials for students who had been accused of plagiarism or sexual assault. I was tasked with the responsibility of gathering the facts, and applying the law under the College's Honor Code when recommending a decision. That experience gave me confidence and confirmed my interest in the law."

Following graduation, Brittany attended Pepperdine School of Law, where she earned her Juris Doctorate and Certificate of Alternative Dispute Resolution. She also was inducted into Phi Delta Phi, the school's legal honor society for placing in the top third of her class. She got her feet wet back in Los Angeles clerking for a prominent Superior Court Judge before deciding on a career path in Workers' Comp Defense.

"I think growing up playing sports taught me a lot about life. The competition and the sense of sportsmanship were lessons that I could apply to my career." In addition, Brittany is an avid chess player. She credits her life-long hobby to her ability to plan ahead in her work as a lawyer. "You always have to think at least two steps ahead—you must be able to anticipate what your opposition will say, how they will respond to your arguments, and you must be able to have alternative avenues to navigate any case. Workers' Comp Defense offers a level playing field where hard work, dedication and commitment pay off and responsibility takes precedence. I like that."

Along the way in her Worker's Compensation career, she developed a solid reputation for her litigation skills, and her prowess at negotiation.

"I've always felt that the most direct form of resolution serves all parties," says Brittany. "Finding a meeting point of common ground and working out a resolution is the best alternative for everyone. But if a case needs to be litigated, I am always ready to go to court."

While working diligently in L.A. and honing her skills as an attorney, she met, and married her husband, also a fellow Dartmouth alumna and producer in Los Angeles. After she and her husband welcomed their daughter, she decided to take some time off and take on a new career as mom. Brittany spent the next 20 months bonding with her child and developing a new set of skills in motherhood.

"I treasure the time I took for my child, and I continue to be a present part of her life. Parenthood teaches you the invaluable skill of time management, patience, tenacity, and the ability to accomplish so much with little sleep. You also develop a keen sense of empathy. When I decided to transition back to work, I knew that I would be setting a great example for my daughter—that yes you can be a devoted parent, AND have a wonderful career. The Workers' Comp world is small in a sense where you get to know everybody, and I had met Ed Benthale and was always impressed with his firm. They were well established and had a sort of entrepreneurial spirit, but most importantly, they had a workplace atmosphere that would allow me to be the working mom that I wanted to be."

Brittany joined Benthale, McKibbin and McKnight in May of 2018 and practices out of the Los Angeles Office.

Away from work, Brittany likes spending time with her family, traveling and learning new recipes.

"We knew early on that our daughter was going to be an active child, so we do a lot of hiking and biking and we travel every chance we get. I also love to cook, and I enjoy making healthy food and finding new recipes to introduce to my family. If I were not practicing law, I think I would be a traveling journalist and eat my way around the world."